Welcome to the Domaine de Ferchaud, we are pleased to welcome you in our mill.Lying in a wonderful haven of greenery, Ferchaud Estate is located in the Perche area on an old royal road which used to connect Chartres to Le Mans town.


We have been working on making this place peaceful, calm and quiet, in an atmosphere in which we love mixing luxury and “country chic”.


We will welcome you in three luxury customized rooms where you will find comfort and many services. We took extra care in decorating these bedrooms with personal decorative objects that we brought back from our many trips abroad.

Nous informons notre aimable clientèle que le Domaine de Ferchaud est traversé par une rivière. Il dispose également

d'un étang et d'une piscine dont les abords sont sécurisés. Leurs accès peuvent représenter un danger pour des enfants

en bas âges qui échapperaient au contrôle de leurs parents.

La Direction du Domaine de Ferchaud décline toutes responsabilités en cas d'accident sur le site.



We wish to inform our guests that a river runs through the property. It also has a pond and a swimming pool which are protected by an enclosure. Unsupervised children may be at risk.

Domaine de Ferchaud’s management declines any responsibility in case of an accident.



Contact:  Madame SIMON Elisabeth, Domaine de Ferchaud  1 Ferchaud 28160 UNVERRE.    811 063 478 R.C.S Chartres.

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+ 33 237 479 310
+ 33 686 353 058