During our many trips around the world, we were particularly touched by that wonderful country of Scotland. We will welcome you in one of our three luxurious rooms decorated with objects we brought back from this beautiful country where we’ve been building special friendship bonds for many years.


We do enjoy the chic and good taste from this country and thus, we want to share with you three different atmospheres from the Highlands. These rooms were designed with the utmost attention. The following features shall be found: high degree comfort bedding, minibar, kettle, hair dryer, safe, smart TV, free Wi-Fi with online service portal.

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Glencoe bedroom
Killin bedroom

Glencoe plateau is a famous Scottish area located between Killin and Fort Williams. You may find a ski resort on Glencoe plateau as well as the famous King House Hotel*.

This plateau is famous for being the background of several movies such as the Harry Potter series or Skyfall, the twenty-third James Bond film. An important and versatile fauna and flora can also be found in these magnificent landscapes.


Located on the ground floor, this 20m² (215 ft²) triple bedroom adorned with antique woodwork panels comprises a comfortable super king-size bed (180 x 200 cm - 6'0" x 6'6"). We had the desire to share with you an autumnal atmosphere from the Glencoe plateau where oak woodwork are mixed to sage green and autumn coloured tartans. You may also benefit from an extra bed (90 x 190 cm - 3'0" x 6'3"). This room is complemented with a bathroom including a large Italian shower.



Killin is a village situated at the western head of Loch Tay in Perthshire. The west end of the village is magnificently sited around the scenic Falls of Dochart.


The falls are crossed by a narrow, multi-arched stone bridge carrying the main road into Killin. In this beautiful village, you may find the Killin Hotel* we enjoyed very much during our trips and we strongly advise you to stay in this hotel.


In this upstairs bedroom, you may find a double bed (160 x 200 - 5'3" x 6'6") as well as an extra single bed (90 x 190 - 3'0" x 6'3"). A highly comfortable bathroom will allow you to enjoy your stay even more. Again, you will appreciate elements related to the Killin area and the MacNabs clan in a country chic ambience.

Aberfeldy bebroom

Nested in the Perthshire hills on the banks of the Tay River, the little town of Aberfeldy is notorious for several features. Aberfeldy is well-known for fishing salmon in the Tay River but also for its excellent distillery which produces one of the best whiskies in Scotland, which we have learnt to appreciate.


Aberfeldy is also very famous for its monument dedicated to the Blackwatch which is one of the oldest royal regiments. The Blackwatch or Garde Noire finds its origin from the infantry companies raised in 1725, particularly on around Aberfeldy, to maintain peace in the Scottish Highlands.


This room, located on the first floor, comprises a king-size bed (160 x 200 - 5'3" x 6'6") and a balcony overlooking the river with a lovely view over the Estate and the swimming pool. Its charming bathroom includes a roomy shower. Of course you will find all the elements reminding you of this beautiful Aberfeldy area.


We strongly recommend you this Bed and Breakfast in Aberfeldy.



Nous informons notre aimable clientèle que le Domaine de Ferchaud est traversé par une rivière. Il dispose également

d'un étang et d'une piscine dont les abords sont sécurisés. Leurs accès peuvent représenter un danger pour des enfants

en bas âges qui échapperaient au contrôle de leurs parents.

La Direction du Domaine de Ferchaud décline toutes responsabilités en cas d'accident sur le site.



We wish to inform our guests that a river runs through the property. It also has a pond and a swimming pool which are protected by an enclosure. Unsupervised children may be at risk.

Domaine de Ferchaud’s management declines any responsibility in case of an accident.



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