Elisabeth and Laurent will be delighted to welcome you to Domaine de Ferchaud.

Presentation of the Domaine de Ferchaud.


This is a very old estate and traces of its History dating from the 17th century were found on architectural elements of the mill.

Since we acquired this estate in 2007, we have started to undertake a full renovation of the place which allows us to welcome our friends and guests in excellent conditions.


The Domaine de Ferchaud is characterized by a watermill which was still in operation in the early 80s.

In 2009, we had the mill’s wheel completely renovated by a man passionate about his craft.


To date, a fully functioning baker’s oven is still there. Ferchaud comprised as well several breeding and cereal production farms.

Ferchaud’s name probably comes from the fact that this estate used to have a forge allowing stagecoaches driving on this royal road to be repaired. Indeed, the English for “Fer” is “Iron” and “Chaud” means “Hot”.


A stretch of the Sainte Suzanne River runs across the estate. Also, carp and pike anglers will find happiness in a fishy pond.

Nature lovers will be able to observe an amazing faunistic and floristic diversity in an entirely landscaped park.


Thus, you may have the pleasure to observe roe deer but also rabbits or pheasants inside or outside the park from one of the rooms’ balcony.

Those who need relaxation and serenity will enjoy our park, our swimming pool but also our orangery which form a lovely and welcoming environment.

Nous informons notre aimable clientèle que le Domaine de Ferchaud est traversé par une rivière. Il dispose également

d'un étang et d'une piscine dont les abords sont sécurisés. Leurs accès peuvent représenter un danger pour des enfants

en bas âges qui échapperaient au contrôle de leurs parents.

La Direction du Domaine de Ferchaud décline toutes responsabilités en cas d'accident sur le site.



We wish to inform our guests that a river runs through the property. It also has a pond and a swimming pool which are protected by an enclosure. Unsupervised children may be at risk.

Domaine de Ferchaud’s management declines any responsibility in case of an accident.



Contact:  Madame SIMON Elisabeth, Domaine de Ferchaud  1 Ferchaud 28160 UNVERRE.    811 063 478 R.C.S Chartres.

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